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Advent Day 15 – Not the droids you’re looking for

The Wife got the AC/DC advent guessing game correct today with R2/D2 (yes, the slash is there on purpose).  Since you’ve seen it before, today I’ve taken a picture of Captain Dukie balancing it on his head.  This is my revenge for his destruction of the bedsheets last night.  More than anything, I hope this image of him goes viral with a myriad of silly comments attached.  Let the cat-shaming begin.

CAptain Dukie with chocolate on his head

Today’s cat picture and advent chocolate picture combined! If you recall, this is the one that I decided was actually an image of R2D2. I had to go back and look to see when the first day we saw this one was to put the link into the text above. The fourth. Of course. May it be with you.

We made more Fudle today.  White chocolate with rosewater and unsalted pistachios. It taste a bit like an Indian sweet I’ve eaten before that apparently has the unappetizing name of barfi according to google.  In fact, when you look at the ingredients, I essentially just made white chocolate barfi-fudle. That’s like a name out of a Monty Python skit.

We also got our Christmas tree today! I haven’t talked about this much yet, but we are a car-free family.  Here in Germany, that garners more suspicious looks and odd prejudices than being married lesbians does. The Christmas tree man was highly amused with our method of transport to get it home.

Woman on bicycle with tree

Me bringing our Christmas tree home today.

So naturally, this post calls for Queen, O Tannenbaun, and a couple of Star Wars songs.

Bless you Freddy Mercury, you make the Christmas season brighter just by being yourself. We miss you.

I really wanted either the TMBG version, or the Vince Guaraldi version, but both these versions of a German Christmas song that is in the public domain are somehow not infringing on copyrights in Germany, go figure.  Instead, have a version sung by a boys choir from someplace I’ve never heard of:

and be very glad I didn’t link above to the creepiest version of O Tannenbaum I’ve ever seen.

Jeremy Messersmith and Twin Suns of Tatooine

And of course Weird Al and the beginning of the saga with that Anakin guy

(ps – if you’re stuck on what to get me for Christmas, this’ll do.)

You may now add car-free lifestyle and star wars geek to your list of labels for me. Also, I floss daily. Might as well confirm my oddness right now.