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Advent Days 16 and 17 Beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Sorry about missing yesterday – working out all morning, then the rest of the day at the Christmas Market in Wiesbaden where I had too much Glühwein (or German wikipedia here), potato pancakes, poffertjes and then topped it off with hot chocolate and Baileys and Irish stew. So then we got home and went into a food and drink coma.

I won the AC/DC Advent guessing game yesterday with drummer and today we both lost when it came up R2/D2 again. Lindt talked about smiling and being rich but the causation and correlation have not yet been proven. Incidentally, my superpower (we all have one, you just have to figure out what it is) actually caused a (typically taciturn) older German woman to not only smile back at me today but also wish me, “Guten Morgen”. Yes, my superpower involves getting strangers to smile back at me.  Probably not as effectively as any baby or small dog, but hey, I’m a 42 year old woman. I’ll take what I can get. Also, it’s a fun hobby, especially when out running. I used to run with a group in SE Washington DC that was pretty mixed in terms of gender, age, and race and we would play the game every Saturday. Not to put too fine a point on it, but we all won, every time. And here’s a photo essay of lots of people smiling in Seattle last week and I didn’t have anything to do with it except that someday the Wife and I might be two of them.  (Oddly, one of the perks of being lesbians is that we get to keep getting married to each other over and over again as the laws change in the places we live or want to live. Yay for multiple weddings to the same wonderful woman! Boo that that has to be the case.)

Then today we decorated the cute little tree we got on Saturday and made yet more fudge.  We’ve now made almost 4 kilos of the stuff and tomorrow are ready to start cutting it up and sending it out.  Then the cookie making shall commence. (Chocolate chip, oatmeal cranberry, Russian tea cakes, macaroons, Spitzbuben, orange cookies, butter cookies, thumbprint cookies, Lembas, and meringues). At the Christmas market I got two new cookie cutters, one specifically for the Spitzbuben and one shaped like a bicycle! The bicycle cookie cutter goes well with our new and unbreakable bicycle ornament for the tree 🙂

Our tree decorating is a bit odd these days because anything that goes on the tree has to be completely cat proof, so delicate glass ornaments, 900 lights, and beautiful balloons made from ornaments just aren’t going to happen in our house. (But check out Epbot here for an amazing steampunk decorated house and tree). Oh and I wanted a Weeping Angel for the top, but we couldn’t find one anywhere (why am I the only one who wants a tree topper that looks like one of the creepiest Sci-fi monsters ever to show up on TV? Rhetorical question, don’t answer that. I also want a Robot Santa for under the tree. And a yule-tide. 10 points to anyone who gets all 3 references without a) being married to me and b) clicking through to the links.) so the Wife made me a low tech version because she’s wonderful like that. It even has 2 sides so I can turn it to the creepier side when I’m in the mood.  We decided against putting a version with the fangs on the actual tree. Christmas is a time for twinkling lights and blinking, after all.  So in honor of our cute little tree, one of the classics (since I already used O Tannenbaum two days ago):

Today was a rest day (yay rest days!) which is why we had time for fudge making and tree decorating on a Monday, along with finishing the Christmas cards. It’s amazing how much free time one has when one isn’t trying to fit one or more workouts into the day along with everything else.