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Advent days 11 and 12 Sleigh Ride

First, apologies for missing yesterday, apparently I fell asleep with the computer and a couple of cats on me as I was typing it up.  It’s ok, you didn’t miss much, AC/DC was a repeat again (I’m sensing a theme developing), I ran outside in the cold and the dark (with my lovely new Petzl Tikkina 2 headlamp in an eye-searing shade of pink that exactly matches my Brooks Pure Flows. (Yes, the pink and teal ones – Why I am doomed to always have the strange colored running shoes?) I’m beginning to understand the need for gore-tex running shoes after all, although, frankly, my trail runners with a good pair of wool hiking socks do just fine for warmth.  What I really could have used was snow spikes or crampons.  My usual running path is virtually impassable unless you’re wearing ice skates and the sidewalks in places aren’t much better.  Can it be spring now, please?

Today we had another AC/DC repeat (the lightning bolt seems to be alternating with the AC/DC logo, directly contributing to my boredom with the calendar. I’m disappointed enough that no AC/DC songs were harmed featured in the writing of this post.) Today’s Lindt truffle was the extra dark and it was delicious. Of course it came with an obscure Benjamin Franklin quote rendered into German with a host of inscrutable pronouns and prepositions as usual.  Here’s the original, “Content is the philosopher’s stone, that turns all it touches into gold.” I have no idea what it might mean, other than as a prophesy for the success of J.K. Rowling.


Can you find the AC/DC chocolate? (Yes, our bikes live under the stairs, much like Harry Potter, only they’re not magic, more’s the pity)

We also swam a lot today.  2500 meters to be exact.  Continue reading

Advent 8 and 9: Winter Wonderland

Welcome to Advent weekend number 2. A double post as I missed yesterday, what with sleeping at night and all. I’ve been having serious problems with sleeping the last few weeks including crazy worry about races that are 7 months away, odd dreams (about my mother and swords, I don’t know either), and just general inability to actually fall asleep, so the fact that I was in bed by midnight and actually asleep by 1:30 was something of a miracle. Anyway, excuse time is over, on to the interesting part of the post.

First up, Advent chocolates from yesterday and today, which came with directions about maintaining an appropriate work/life balance (the two cornerstones of happiness are love and work). As you know, the Wife and I have got the love part figure out these days (marry someone who doesn’t object to your bicycle habit and likes to run, then actually manage to live on the same continent and in the same apartment after a couple of years of long distance relationship.) Thankfully, I have triathlon to take the place of work for the moment, that and German classes (and something else that I’ll tell you about in a few months if it all works out – keep your fingers crossed for me. It’s something that I really want to be able to do, but I’ve shot myself in the proverbial foot over this before, so I don’t want to jinx it.). AC/DC disappoints once again with repeats of the AC/DC logo (which looks a bit more like BC/DC on this one) yesterday and the lightning bolt today.

Day 8:  Santa's head has been eaten and replaced with the Lindt truffle. The AC/DC chocolate by his feet prophesies the coming apocalypse. Or maybe it's a partial list of who's been naughty...

Day 8: Santa’s head has been eaten and replaced with the Lindt truffle. The AC/DC chocolate by his feet prophesies the coming apocalypse. Or maybe it’s a partial list of who’s been naughty…

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