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Advent 2013 day 10 Sockgasm and cranberry desserts

I am tired so instead of recipes typed in by me, you get two that are directly from the internet.

Apple-Cranberry Pie from Runner’s World – Not the healthiest pie on the planet, but it’s got apples and fresh cranberries in it (along with cream cheese, oats, and other good things) and it was relatively fun to make and much more fun to eat.

Oatmeal Cranberry cookies – I found the recipe for these online last year and now it’s our favorite cookie. I’m making more tomorrow. These use dried cranberries and it makes them about a thousand times more interesting that cookies with raisins in them. The cinnamon, nutmeg, and cardamom make them really special.

The other thing that happened today besides a 25 km round trip bike ride to get my regular (every 2 months) bloodwork done – necessary to make sure my meds aren’t destroying my liver and to make sure I’m still basically mostly healthy – and the usual 3.5 hours of Aikido and a ton of work in between those two things is that I got to wear my new Christmas socks today. We exchanged gifts early because I am a five-year-old and couldn’t wait.

The feeling I get when I get to wear a new and soft pair of socks for the first time can be described better in German: Sockenvergnügen. Apparently this word did not exist until I entered Germany. The best English translation is: Sockgasm!

These big, fluffy socks have fleece on the inside. It's sort of like getting to wear Devil-Kitty on my feet all day long. He's in awe of the socks.

These big, fluffy socks have fleece on the inside. It’s sort of like getting to wear Devil-Kitty on my feet all day long. He’s demonstrating what the inside of these socks feel like for us.

In lieu of music today, here’s David Sedaris reading his hilarious Christmas essay 6 to 8 Black Men.

Advent Day 19 – Too Many Cookies!

Missed the AC/DC Advent guess-a-thon today again.  Yet another R2/D2

Today the Wife and I both had the day off and so we baked. 191 cookies to be exact (that’s 1 cookie fewer than 16 dozen, in case you were wondering) and we stopped at only 4 different kinds, half of the cookies that were on my original spreadsheet. Why yes, I have a Christmas cookie spreadsheet, color coded with formulas that calculate the total amounts of all ingredients we need, convert from US to metric measures, and count the total number of eggs needed depending on which cookies need just the yolks, just the whites, or the whole egg.  OCD much?

I made two new ones this year, Oatmeal Cranberry Cookies and Spitzbuben.  The Oatmeal Cranberry was the result of our mutual obsession with all things cranberry this year and the recipe came from the Food Network. The Spitzbuben recipe came from chefkoch.de. Both are absolutely keepers! The Oatmeal Cranberry are amazingly light and crispy on the outside and chewy inside with the spices (cardamom, nutmeg, and cinnamon – we have cardamom pods from the local Indian grocery store and grind the seeds ourselves, much cheaper that way.  We also keep a nutmeg nut around and grate any nutmeg we need fresh from that) giving it the perfect pop of flavor to enhance the oats. They were also really easy to make.  As always with our oven, cooking time was reduced by about 3 minutes, even though we lowered the heat by about 10 °F.

The Spitzbuben dough was also incredibly easy to make (just dump everything together into the bowl of the mixer and use the dough hook for a few minutes then a few minutes kneading it by hand) and a joy to work with and the taste is terrific, very buttery and almond-y.  We used 4 different fillings for them: homemade quince jelly from a friend of mine, organic raspberry-strawberry mixed jelly, lemon-ginger marmalade, and a small amount of rose petal jelly (we had enough of that left for exactly 2 cookies, one for the Wife and one for me.) Our new Spitzbuben cookie cutter (spring loaded, to pop out the doughnut shaped top) worked perfectly and the tops looked just like little gears, very Steampunk-y food items.

We listened to a really lovely mix tape ((We’re old, OK? I still call playlists on iTunes (which – why isn’t it called earTunes?) mix tapes) and yes, I’ve closed all my parentheses in this paragraph, in case you were wondering.) Some favorites from it were:


We also visited Christmas Island with Jimmy Buffet (won’t work in Germany, sorry 😦 this one was particularly difficult to find online.  I, of course, have the album)

and considered New Zealand for next year (we will for the first time ever both have 2 weeks off at Christmas next year) I’m sure this song had nothing to do with it!

We went for another good swim while waiting for all the butter cookie doughs to harden in the fridge.  2,750 meters in about an hour and twenty minutes.  A lot of short, high intensity reps in this workout, along with some 300 meters of 3,5,7 breathing drills. Unlike last week, I didn’t get a headache at the end of all that, so maybe a sign of progress.  I also didn’t feel that we were completely outclassed by the other triathletes sharing our lane or in the lane next to us (actually, we were both faster than and swam longer than the guy sharing with us, so yay for that as well.) I spent today’s swim thinking about my feet and trying to keep kicking the whole time. I often think so hard on my hands, head, and breathing that I completely forget about the lower half of my body and it just hangs there like so much flotsam.

In conclusion, I think we baked way too many cookies, even counting all the ones we intend to give away as gifts and at various group events. 16 dozen cookies and 4 kilograms of fudge (4.5 when you consider what we sent to the Wife’s parents last week) but it was fun.