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TBT: high school hair edition

And it’s been more than a week for the blog, did y’all miss me?

Since it’s Thursday already (this week went by fast, apparently, that’s what deadlines and jetlag will do to you) I can just post this picture.

It’s from the spring of 1988 when I was a senior in high school, visiting my excellent friend Joeshlabotnik (who now has over 66,000 photos at his Flickr account) at college. Yes, I still have the jacket, packed in a box in my brother’s basement and waiting for the next big high school reunion. What is interesting is that I actually weigh the same now as I did in that picture (racing weight, yay) and my hair is currently as long and as unmanageable.

TBT 1988

TBT 1988

So the big questions is: should I get a haircut and how short?

in running news, I ran 170 miles in March, highest monthly total ever. And I’m feeling surprisingly uninjured these days.

In running toy news, the MIO Link optical wrist band heart rate monitor is now available for pre-order and ships April 10th!