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Advent Day 7 Let it Snow

It snowed today.  A lot.  Well, a lot for Frankfurt. Not alot, mind you. A lot. (Yes, that link goes to a grammar rant, but it’s a funny one, you should definitely click on it.) So in the middle of all the snow fall, when all I really wanted to do was curl up under a pile of cats and play on the internet, instead I had to find some of my bike commuting winter wear (like my ugly pants – ugly but effective) and literally bike through a snowstorm in order to meet the Wife (who always gets capitalized because she’s German, in case you were wondering) and our friend S for a strength session at the gym. We’re using the Mark Allen 12 step program for recovering triathletes (you know what they say, once a triathlete, always a triathlete…) and I got to introduce them to the joys of the strength program today.  I got to show of how badass I am by showing off how I can bench press the bar. Yeah, I’m a stud. Then we had dinner at a new Persian restaurant that opened in our neighborhood recently. Persian food is yummy.

Also yummy, but not entirely Persian is hummus, which I’ve figured out how to make myself and it’s embarrassing how easy it is.  It requires 6 ingredients, only two of which are probably not in your kitchen right now, and a stick mixer.

Ingredients for Hummus:

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