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Advent Day 6 – Happy St Nick day!

So it seems that I’ve settled on an Advent post format.  All Advent posts to this blog shall consist of:

1) An image of today’s chocolate and a remark on the calendars. This remark may optionally be witty, but wittiness is not a requirement.

Image of a chocolate santa

Both the calendars were a disappointment today. AC/DC once again recycled gumby!drummer and while the Lindt chocolate was a lovely and tasty star, it came with an utterly incomprehensible saying involving eyes and too many pronouns. Instead, here’s an out of focus image of the bio santa that showed up on the Wife’s desk yesterday. Santa is, in fact, kicking the AC/DC calendar in order to try to get a different chocolate to show up tomorrow.

2) A reference to and video of at least one song related to the post.  Since today is St. Nicholas day, here’s the Boss (from way back in 1978) singing one of my favorites:

And then I typed AC/DC Santa Claus into google and am posting the first hit i got.  It’s a creepy robotic santa lip syncing to Mistress for Christmas:

3) A recap of the day’s training and another promise to eventually show my training plan for the next 7 months. Ran 5 miles.  In the dark.  It was freezing cold.  Literally. Still using my new running shoes – Brooks PureFlows in this horrible shade of pink – it’s what they had in my size so I took them. Almost all my horribly pink or other frightening colored technical clothing the result of a sale or a last one left situation. Not that there’s anything wrong with pink, I just prefer blues and purples and greens and reds and oranges.  Then after running I did another 3 hours of aikido today. I’m kind of toast right now.

4) Something witty, amusing, or thoughtful related to training. Today, I got nothing so instead have a German Runner’s World article about running in the winter when it’s cold and miserable from one of my many open tabs. Because that is how Germans roll.

5) A discussion of dinner, with an optional picture or recipe. Dinner today was a non-event. I got home to late, Wife was already asleep and I wasn’t that hungry as the result of either the start of a stomach bug that’s been going around, or bad Indian yesterday for lunch, so I just had a bowl of cereal.  Not my best eating day, today (2 bowls of cereal, 2 Mars bars (Milky Way to americans), Advent chocolate, 1 English muffin with Leberwurst, 1 bowl leftover leek soup, 1.5 clementines, 2 Honey Stinger waffles.) At least doing better than that tomorrow shouldn’t be to difficult. (Note that the waffles weren’t real honey stingers as you can’t get them here but one of the local organic stores stocks the original Dutch ones for like 1/6th the price, so we’re eating those now.)

6) A picture of one or more of my cats. Here’s Devil cat greeting me and my very pink shoes when we got back from today’s run.

Let's just call these my Ruby slippers and not hideously fuschia running shoes. They're really comfy, though.  I like them a lot. Devil cat does too, but he's more hopeful for a treat.

Let’s just call these my Ruby slippers and not hideously fuschia running shoes. They’re really comfy, though. They’re also a bit muddy today. I like them a lot. Devil-cat does too, but he’s more hopeful for a treat. Santa did not leave me any little surprises in them last night.  Thankfully, neither did Devil-cat or Captain Dukie.

And that is all she wrote tonight. Literally.