About L on Wheels

L on Wheels is an age group triathlete, a martial artist, an oceanographer, a cat-mommy, a wife, an American living abroad for love, and hopefully a great many other things as well.  She feels slightly odd writing about herself in the third person and may change this page sometime in the near future.  Or she may simply forget all about this page until someone asks her about it months from now.  Or procrastinate until it becomes irrelevant.  Or until blogging becomes irrelevant.  Or until the whole internet becomes irrelevant.  This blog will probably be about my triathlon trials and tribulations.  It will in all likelihood contain a not insignificant number of foodie posts, including recipes, photos of food, and flowcharts of various cooking processes.  It may contain movie reviews and rants regarding the treatment of scientists, women, women scientists, etc. in mainstream movies.  It will certainly contain remarks on being a woman who is married to another woman but it probably won’t focus on them because frankly being married to another woman is just like being married to any other person, with all the same trials, confusion, and joy that any other married people feel.  Oh yes, and cats.  It will definitely have its share of cats.

It will contain any other randomalia that I feel like writing about.  (Oops! no longer in 3rd person)  Feel free to ask me (L) anything in comments.

PS the wheels here refer to those on bicycles, however feel free imagine me behind the wheel of a 1970 Chevy Chevelle SS (yes, with the 454 big block) if you prefer.  Or on a BMW R 1200.


A cat hanging on a window screen

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