A blog post of no real content

Going to continue blogging semi-regularly, but tonight I don’t have a whole lot to report. I only got 3 runs in this week and only 25 miles run, but I have spent the entire weekend doing martial arts and was at a workout of one sort or another every day since I got to the US. I am very much off my schedule for the month, but it really couldn’t be helped this time. I am struggling to not feel guilty for not running even though I’ve been doing lots of other things that take up all my time. I’m pretty sure that missing today’s run will not make me fail the marathon. I don’t even really know what constitutes failing a marathon. Maybe oversleeping and consequently failing to show up?

Also, I have not updated this week’s running totals for the little virtual runner’s group that I am part of (I’m running this month’s challenge) and I am also going to not feel guilty about that. I have actually been busy. So busy that I don’t really have the time to spend on the internet. Also, very tired. I hope nothing exciting happened on the internet while  I was gone and that nobody was wrong there, either.

Anyway, here’s a picture of Ron, who belongs to the friend who let me stay all week and use her internet and spare bedroom and generally disrupt her schedule for a week while I am in the US.

cat sleeping near an electric heater

Ron, keeping himself warm and toasty in front of the heater.

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