TBT: Bike and Cat Edition

Well, I missed posting yesterday, but I had a good excuse. I was in transit for 12 hours of yesterday, then went immediately to a dojo to train in martial arts, then fell into bed at a friend’s house where we had failed to set up the wifi for me (until today as I had a fairly amusing password error which prevented me from sampling the toothsome wares of the internets).

Since I’m traveling and don’t have the external drive with all my old photos on it (and the even older ones are all in a box in my brother’s basement), I can only go back to 2008 here. I swear, sometime soon I will actually make that other post I keep mentioning. But no time for that today, spring is finally here, and it’s a gorgeous day! I’ve run 13 miles in the warm sun (and given myself a sunburn in the process), was completely overwhelmed at the size and choices in the super large American supermarket, and closed a bank account at a bank in a town that I haven’t lived in for 7 years.

A Trek 520 Touring bike

This is my touring bike. It’s a 1998 Trek 520, so the bike is a throwback, even if the photo of it is from 2008. The cute panniers are no longer being made and work for weekend trips when we stay at hotels and commuting to the office. Since coming to Germany, it has acquired much wider tires and a post office yellow set of Ortlieb panniers.

I actually bought matching bikes for myself and my then boyfriend who later became my husband. I still have the bike. Maybe that should be an advertising slogan. Trek touring bikes, made to last through multiple marriages.

And here is the cat that I had at that time, whose death paved the way for Devil Kitty and Captain Dukie. After she died (and she was a wonderful cat and I still miss her) I started fostering difficult cats for one of the local cat shelters. And eventually they sent me the boys and after I had (partially) rehabilitated them, they informed me that they weren’t leaving.

a black cat

My darling Kudra cat

Until tomorrow, dear readers!

(and no, you did not miss any previous Throwback Thursdays, this is the first one I’ve ever done.)


4 thoughts on “TBT: Bike and Cat Edition

    1. lonwheels Post author

      She was a great kitty 🙂 (I still love the bike. It was one of only two that moved with me to Germany) There’s something about old steel touring bikes…

  1. The Wife

    She looks so little in that picture (talking about the cat here, not about Trekbike whose actual size I can ascertain by craning my neck from where I’m sitting 😉

    So now you know how I feel when I walk into an American supermarket with a shopping list form Pat… overwhelmed doesn’t even begin to cover it, and my German sense of purposeful shopping (“this aisle, that aisle, and past the wine on the way to the checkout”) founders completely… congratulations, you’ve gone native!

  2. lonwheels Post author

    ❤ It's a deceptive picture, but she does look pretty in it. (I found that one when I was finding extras for powerpoint karaoke) Ich bin ein Berliner. 🙂 well, no. Ein Frankfurter…wait, that's worse…


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