Running recap and Irish playlist

Oops! How does it happen that I think things are going well, I’ve got everything under control, then all of a sudden it’s February mid-March and I haven’t posted in two and a half weeks almost two months?

Triathlon Running recap:

Well, I’m behaving as a runner these days. A runner who swims once a week and does aikido three times a week, and basically doesn’t bike at all unless it’s for transportation. I’ve heard from the lovely folks at the small town marathon I’m running in May that they are not a BQ race. Then a week later, I heard from them again and their course got certified this month and they ARE a Boston qualifier. Which is great, but I’m never going to be able to qualify for next year anyway as I’d need a 3:45 and that’s probably not going to happen. This one will be a dress rehearsal then for late fall when I only need a 3:55 to qualify for 2016 (apparently, there are benefits to aging, after all).

I ran 115 miles in January. That’s more than I ran in any one month in all of 2013 and more than all but two months of 2012 (the last two months before my last stand-alone marathon). I’m too lazy to go back farther than that. February was 129 despite being horribly sick with norovirus in the middle and missing 4 runs including a long run. This month so far I’ve had a couple of nice long runs (18 on Saturday) and some ok other runs. This month, I’m on my way to over 190 miles.

Maffetone, the short version:

I had a long post about this in my head along with several different graphs I made in Matlab, none of which I feel like going into now, but to sum up: Maffetone sucks. And does not work for me. After two months of solid running at Maffetone heart rate, my pace did not consistently improve at all. After the first week, I went from having to practically walk to somewhat slower than my usual recovery/slow run pace and it never got any better. I suspect that is because my max HR is much higher than the age prediction formulas say it would be. Anyway, the heart rate strap still makes me claustrophobic, I can’t stand running that slowly anymore and screw the maffetone method, I’m going back to what works. I’ve got marathons to run and Boston to qualify for this year.

In other news, the Wife admitted to me that her last 16 mile long run felt so good that she wants to upgrade from the 2/3 marathon distance she was planning on racing in May to the full with me. Success! My evil plan worked!

I have another post describing why I’ve not managed to update in 2 months. I’ll put that one up tomorrrow. (Yes, this is probably the shortest post I’ve made to this blog. That’s the new method. Short and often. Like I like my…ummm….nevermind.

until then, Happy St. Paddy’s Day!


5 thoughts on “Running recap and Irish playlist

  1. ilana

    Low HR training is yay, Maffetone is stupid. Formulas like 220-age are great approximations for populations but don’t necessarily apply to individuals.

    I think that with the mileage increases you’re talking about, you’re going to see your race times improve astonishingly.

    1. lonwheels Post author

      I hope so 🙂 it’s going to be pretty difficult to top last year and I ‘lost’ about 6 weeks of this cycle by going too damn slow…

  2. Filthy Lying Triathlete

    Yeah, by starting with 180 instead of any actual approximation of one’s max HR he’s really screwing the people who fall outside the norm. I mean, what he’s essentially doing is trying to approximate your lactate threshold and at point…why not just use your lactate threshold? Plus, he looks creepy. CREEPY.

    I too can’t wait to get rid of my HR strap. I look forward to the release of the Mio Link ( where upon I will burn my collection of stupid chest straps in effigy and go about attempting to heal the constant sore on my chest.

    1. lonwheels Post author

      Yep. I kind of want to drop a bunch of money at a testing lab and learn my real numbers. And me, too! I cannot wait for the link to show up!


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