Mid January check-in and cat amusement

So while we were out on our run today, Captain Dukie thought he’d grab a little computer time. Somehow with his little feet, he managed to press Cntrl-Opt-Command-8. Then he was searching for some lost files. Neither he or I could actually find pOuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh on the system, though. And normally, things are a nice cheery blue and white on this machine, not weird need-to-depress-four-keys-at-once-to-achieve inversions.

This is what I came back to:

The cat's been on the internet again...

The cat’s been on the internet again…

So, more importantly, I’m still attempting the Maffetone training, hating it slightly less, but still unsure about my belief levels.

So far, I’ve run 46 miles this year, pretty much all of it at an average HR around 140 bpm. Most of it was at something between 10:30 and 11:30 paces which is both frustrating and disappointing. It’s getting slightly better, I suppose. Last week was 27 miles running, one day of swimming, a couple of easy bike rides to town and 3 days of aikido. So, we’re taking it easy this month 😉

I have two sort of serious and important posts in the works, but the silly cats have preempted them. Later in the week I’ll get to the one where I talk about bike commuting and safety (a friend of mine almost got hit the day before yesterday) and why it’s going to be a rough transition when/if we move back to the US where the drivers see us as nuisances and not people who have a right to use the road.

Until next time, the Wife, Captain Dukie, Devil-Kitty, and I will continue to search fruitlessly, but hopefully for pOuhhhhhhhhhhh!

At least the post-run greeting committee is warm and soft, despite their inherent destructiveness.

At least the post-run greeting committee is warm and soft, despite their inherent destructiveness.




3 thoughts on “Mid January check-in and cat amusement

  1. Gretchen

    I am really interested to hear your experiences with Maffetone training. I know a bunch of online people who have done it and claim it’s successful for them, but every time I go to his site and try to read up on it, I come away thinking that it’s all a big scam and he’s super skeevy.

    My coach seems not to be part of the MAF cult, as the runs she’s given me so far are frequently above MAF. But I remain intrigued…

    1. lonwheels Post author

      Right now I hate it. I have to run at speeds that are so slow they are no longer fun. Also, I gave myself the extra 5 beats per minute because i thought it was ridiculous to think that the past 5 years of endurance training meant nothing because I wasn’t doing it his way. I’ve been at it for two weeks and have seen virtually no improvement. I have the book and it also reads a bit like an infomercial. I’m giving it until the end of the month to see something. Then I’m going back to running so it makes me happy. I’ll write up a summary here in a couple of weeks. It’ll have graphs and things. Listen to your coach. Trust your coach 🙂 (Also, blog about what being coached is like…we miss you here at wordpress…)
      Also, are you on daily mile?

      1. Filthy Lying Triathlete

        Heh. I look forward to your end of the month wrap up on it.

        And I am listening to my coach! I will have to blog about it a bit because it is kind of interesting. I’ve never been individually coached before and there’s a definite learning curve to it, which I didn’t expect.

        I am not on Daily Mile! I’ve also resisted Strava. I just upload everything to TrainingPeaks and do a backup at Garmin Connect.

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