Advent Day 22 the little Strummer boy

First, some quick notes:

  1. No, I will not be posting anyone’s version of the Little Drummer Boy here
  2. But I will be posting some Clash. Can’t find any Christmas songs that they recorded, funny that. Also, there are no Combat Rock Advent calendars, more’s the pity.
  3. The Wife and I were both wrong today, I guessed AC/DC logo, she guessed Lightning Bolt, it was once again R2/D2.
  4. We also ran 9 miles today and swam 1800 meters.  I still remember when the idea of an Olympic length (1500 m swim, 25 mile bike, 10 km run) was daunting. We’ve come quite a ways in three years, the Wife and I.

Today is the 10th anniversary of Joe Strummer’s death. NPR has a nice piece about him here. When I was a kid, one of the very first albums (on cassette) that I bought for myself was the Clash’s Combat Rock.  I played that thing to death the summer I turned 12. Maybe I was a bit young for some of the themes, but the Clash taught me that music was more than just pretty sounds coming out of the radio, that it was real, and raw, and that you were supposed to think harder about things that mattered sometimes. And curse. And make the world listen to the beat of your drummer sometimes. So thank you Joe. You are missed.

London Calling is one of the regular songs on my running mixes these days, and at the Frankfurt Marathon this year, one of the bands along the route were inexplicably playing it as I went by, so I got to shout about the coming ice age and that I live by the river (which I do) while a lot of Germans looked at me quizzically. The Clash also always makes me think of my friend F, who appears to be a mild mannered teacher, but who is in fact a badass, samurai punk rocker.

And another dear friend (S who happens to be married to the above mentioned F) posted the following on Facebook yesterday. I had this whole album on also cassette when I was a kid.  I love this song, it’s one of my favorite Christmas songs ever.

So Merry Christmas to F, S and everyone with ragged jean jackets and Doc Martens hiding in the backs of their closets behind the business casual dresses, and the boring khakis and wrinkle-free button down shirts, and the ugly Christmas sweaters.

Captain Dukie is undecided if he should stay or go.  Here, he opts for staying, but his keyboard playing suffers for it.

Captain Dukie is undecided if he should stay or go. Here, he opts for staying, but his keyboard playing suffers for it.

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