Advent Day 20: Cat-astrophy!

Well, it’s just after midnight here and the world hasn’t ended yet. Of course, both the Mayans and NASA knew that all along. But the winter Solstice happens tomorrow at 11:12 AM (UTC), so the days will be getting longer and I won’t have to do my runs in the dark along with the freezing rain and wind. I’m not sure why I am continuing to run outside this year when all the reasonable people are using the treadmills. Only 2 other runners spotted in the whole hour I was out. I also ran two miles at “tempo” pace in the middle. We’ve got a New Year’s run coming up next week and I ran a mile at what I think was my last semi-decent 10k pace (The last 10k I ran was this spring and I ran it the day after an intravenous iron infusion because my iron was so low it was off the charts and freaked my Dr out. I was alternately nauseous and just incredibly tired and I ran it at a slower pace than I ran my last marathon.) and then a mile at 5 k pace. I think this one will be somewhere in the middle of those two.  Speaking of 5k pace – today it was a 7:58 mile. Running a single mile faster than 8 minutes was one of my big yearly goals last year. This year I can do it at the end of 5 miles in the wind and the cold and hold it for a full 5 k.  What changed? Physically, I’m not too sure if anything did. But, this wasn’t a physical problem.  It was all in my head! 8:00 minute miles (which, yes, I know that’s not exactly burning up the pavement) was a totally fake barrier that I had created for myself. There was nothing special about it at all! Last month, I was running 400 m intervals outside with my Garmin set to US units and due to a math error on my part, I ran them a full minute per mile faster than intended, and it felt hard, but otherwise OK! And just like that, the 8:00/mile barrier was gone. Sometimes, it’s all in my head and I just have to get over myself (or as my aikido Sensei once said to me, I have to get over the wall that I’ve created for myself).

OK, that was a lot about running. What about Advent? AC/DC was another R2/D2 and Lindt reminded us that life is basically difficult and boring, but there are periodic wonderful things that happen, like sub 8 minute miles, making Christmas cookies with the Wife, and cats.

Speaking of cats:

I bowed the cat!

Captain Dukie shows off his pretty bow tie while the Wife shows off her warm woolen socks.

And a short video of Captain Dukie attempting to escape the bow:

And of course, what Dec 20, 2012 post would be complete without this song:

(That’s Great Big Sea covering it there)

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