Advent days 11 and 12 Sleigh Ride

First, apologies for missing yesterday, apparently I fell asleep with the computer and a couple of cats on me as I was typing it up.  It’s ok, you didn’t miss much, AC/DC was a repeat again (I’m sensing a theme developing), I ran outside in the cold and the dark (with my lovely new Petzl Tikkina 2 headlamp in an eye-searing shade of pink that exactly matches my Brooks Pure Flows. (Yes, the pink and teal ones – Why I am doomed to always have the strange colored running shoes?) I’m beginning to understand the need for gore-tex running shoes after all, although, frankly, my trail runners with a good pair of wool hiking socks do just fine for warmth.  What I really could have used was snow spikes or crampons.  My usual running path is virtually impassable unless you’re wearing ice skates and the sidewalks in places aren’t much better.  Can it be spring now, please?

Today we had another AC/DC repeat (the lightning bolt seems to be alternating with the AC/DC logo, directly contributing to my boredom with the calendar. I’m disappointed enough that no AC/DC songs were harmed featured in the writing of this post.) Today’s Lindt truffle was the extra dark and it was delicious. Of course it came with an obscure Benjamin Franklin quote rendered into German with a host of inscrutable pronouns and prepositions as usual.  Here’s the original, “Content is the philosopher’s stone, that turns all it touches into gold.” I have no idea what it might mean, other than as a prophesy for the success of J.K. Rowling.


Can you find the AC/DC chocolate? (Yes, our bikes live under the stairs, much like Harry Potter, only they’re not magic, more’s the pity)

We also swam a lot today.  2500 meters to be exact.  Some of it was fast little sprints and I was working my arse off to stay ahead of this triathlete guy (could tell because of the weird knee only tan on his legs) in the next lane.  I did manage, but only barely. The Wife told me after that every time I sped up, he started working really hard so as to not get passed by me.  Which he did anyway.  Twice. Suck it triathlete-guy! Sometimes girls are faster than you.  Live with it. Speaking of swimming, I realized tonight that often when I swim, I think of absolutely nothing but swimming. When I run or bike, my mind wanders, I get ideas for meals, blog posts, physics experiments, all sorts of things.  When I swim, I think about how the water feels. Today I was imagining that I was a kayak and my arms were the paddle for much of the hour and twenty minutes I was in the water.  The Wife assures me this is NOT NORMAL. She loves me anyway.

I was thinking (after swimming, not during) of some of my favorite Christmas songs and the three Tenors singing O Holy Night is one that always makes me feel the holidays.  Here’s two of them:

To compare and contrast, N’Sync also sings it:

But then even Carreras, Pavarotti, and Domingo can create disaster if it’s choreographed correctly (the expressions on their faces make this one worth watching, really.):

Ella does it right:

Then we made another batch of fudge tonight, the one with only 2 necessary ingredients.  I used to call it Cheater’s Fudge, but it’s been renamed to Fudle (long story for a different day). Today, I made a batch with semi-sweet chocolate, red wine, and cranberries. I was going for sophisticated as this one goes into the in-laws’ Christmas gift package. We’re also going to the in-laws in January for a few days of sun and not quite so cold.  Thank goodness for parents who live in Spain (Spain is the Florida of Germany).


This is the bowl stage of the Fudle, note the shiny color. If your chocolate doesn’t have a nice shiny coat, try stirring a bit more while it’s hot. Professor Snape might argue that counterclockwise works best, but I haven’t found that to be the case.

Here’s my Fudle recipe done as an engineering flow chart:

My Fudle recipe as a gliffy

My Fudle recipe as a gliffy

This made me laugh on the internet today, and besides, the internet is for cats:

And Devil Cat was imitating Vegan Black Metal Cat  (hail Seitan) today and opting for the parsley (yes, parsley is safe for cats, even Devil-cat to eat).

Devil-cat and his new addiction.

Devil-cat caught red-handed (red-tongued?). He keeps telling me he needs it for potions class, but I don’t believe him. He dropped potions last term in favor of catculus.

Accio sleep!

3 thoughts on “Advent days 11 and 12 Sleigh Ride

  1. Little Owl

    That looks like a lot of chocolate, yay! :>) But I still can’t help the feeling that these engineering flowcharts make recipes look much more complicated than they are. (Engineers will probably contradict me.)
    The wrapped cat is a very patient specimen of its kind. I don’t think it would be possible to wrap your cats like this.

    1. lonwheels Post author

      Well, the engineering recipes are kind of a thought experiment – an exploration of visual vs words for explanations of things and which works best. For example, I’ve also flowcharted my chocolate chip cookie recipe and for me it’s much easier to use that than a traditional top-down sort of recipe, but others definitely disagree with that one! And yes. The boys would not stand (or sit, or lie down) for that.


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